Retailer Stylist Training

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The what!

There’s a lot for staff to learn in a retail environment, from confidently providing exceptional customer service to scoring those add on sales in the change-room. A customised Retailer Style and Training Workshop will effectively engage your staff to improve their performance and maximise in-store sales.

Who are retailer style and training workshops for?

Retailers who want to maximise sales and provide exceptional customer service to shoppers. Style and Training Workshops are suitable for individual stores who want to train their small to medium sized, in-store team. They are equally suitable for a medium to large sized audience on a national/state level.
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Why retailer style and training workshops?

These workshops are an engaging and interactive way to give staff the confidence and know-how they need to maximise sales. Focal points include (and are not limited to) providing exceptional customer service to shoppers, knowing the key points of effective styling, feeling confident in making suitable recommendations to shoppers and maximising sales through effective sales tactics. These workshops are proven to maximise sales, improve staff’s customer service skills, styling knowledge and confidence in creating the ultimate experience for shoppers. Your staff will be left with beneficial sales and styling tactics that can be put to work immediately.

Why choose me?

Having worked in the fashion industry as an accredited Fashion Stylist and Personal Stylist for over 7 years I understand the fashion retail industry and the phycology behind how people shop. I also specialise in Fashion and Style Workshops for retailers and shopping centres and have conducted similar workshops with The Sussan Group.

I feel there is always room for development with staff members who are the face of the business they are working for – the retail staff who are visible on the shop floor the second a customer walks in, the staff who are interacting with customers and communicating the brand and products to their customer through their personal image and customer service. It is important to invest in your staff to ensure they are confident in fulfilling their role within the business.

I want your staff feeling confident in communicating the brand and product to customers, having the confidence to be able to style any personality or body shape, implementing the right sales tactics to their customer to maximise sales and leave a positive last impression on their customer to keep them coming back to shop!

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What's included?

All retailer style and training workshops are designed to fulfil the company/event brief and are based on the brief and budget of the client.

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