Men’s Personal Style Makeover Package Basic

Hayley Cooper hands male client shirts.

Is personal styling for me?

This is the ideal mix of Personal Styling sessions that will boost your confidence and personal style in just a few hours! This package is the perfect combination of knowing how to dress for your body shape and colour tone, a chance to declutter and assess your wardrobe, and time to shop for the missing pieces that will make your wardrobe as current and wearable as can be.

What will it include?

We start off at your home with a Personal Style Consultation. Here we determine your body shape, colour tone and discuss your current and ideal personal style. We then step into your wardrobe for the Wardrobe Consultation. Here we sort through items in your wardrobe, analysing which items work for you and which items don’t. Items are analysed based on your body shape, colour tone, lifestyle and ideal personal style. We identify the gaps in your existing wardrobe that are limiting your wearability, then we shop for them in the Personal Shopping Session.oost!
Hayley Cooper inspects pants in a clothing store.
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What will I get out of this?

During the Personal Shopping Session we chat through what styles, colours and cuts will work for your body shape and colour tone and the reasons why. You will pick tips on how to be smarter shopper and explore your personal style with items that suit you and your lifestyle.

How much does a basic personal style makeover package cost?

This Personal Style Package is completed in 1 day and is a discounted package.

Includes: 1/2hr Personal Style Consultation + 2hr Wardrobe Consultation + 2hr Personal Shopping Session

Cost: $499.00 + GST

Please note additional fees may apply for services conducted outside of Sydney.

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