Personal Style Makeover Package Complete

Build a wearable wardrobe in one day

Our signature Personal Style Makeover Package providing a start-to-finish styling solution that will have your wardrobe filled with items you’re excited to wear and complete outfits that work for you and your lifestyle.

All of our sessions are personalised to work with your body shape, colour tone, lifestyle, shopping budget and ideal personal style.

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What sessions are included?

1/2hr Personal Style Consultation

Where we determine your body shape and colour tone and have a chat about your current and ideal personal style

2hr Wardrobe Consultation

Where we declutter your current wardrobe, get rid of unnecessary items and make a list of what we can add to maximise your wardrobe wearability

3hr Personal Shopping Session

Personal Shopping Session where we shop for items that will help you create outfits within your wardrobe, whilst advising on what works best for you across a number of items, giving you lifelong knowledge through personalised, expert styling advice

1hr Wardrobe Outfitting Session

Wardrobe Outfitting Session where we create and photograph a series of ready to wear outfits using your existing items and new purchases. These can form easy to replicate outfit templates as your style evolves and as you add new items into your wardrobe later on. The outfitting session really brings your wardrobe together and truly makes outfitting effortless. And – there’s no limit on how many outfits we can create, we’ll do as many as we can in the time that we have and prioritise those that are most relevant to your lifestyle.

How does it work?

This package is completed in one day at your home and at a shopping centre within 1/2hr of your home.

Our day could flow like this, say we start at 9am:

9:00am – 9:30am – Personal Style Consult

9:30am – 11:30am – Wardrobe Consult

11:30am – 1:00pm – Interval

1:00pm – 4:00pm – Personal Shopping

4:00pm – 4:30pm – Interval

4:30pm – 5:30pm – Wardrobe Outfitting

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What if I need more or less time in my wardrobe or at the shops?

If you feel 2hrs is too long to spend in your wardrobe during the Wardrobe Consultation, you’re welcome to do the 1/2hr Personal Style Consult and Wardrobe Consultation virtually over Zoom prior to the day of shopping; this is $150 per hour.

You’re welcome to use the Personal Shopping and Wardrobe Outfitting time as you wish. For example, we can do a 2hr shop and 2hr outfitting if you like, or we can stick to 3hrs at the shops and 1hr back at your home. We can also see how we go on the day, no pressure.

Where do we shop?

The Personal Shopping Session is run at a centre within 30 minutes of your home. Often, this will be at your largest local shopping centre.

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What’s it like?

All of the sessions are tailored to work with your body shape, colour tone, lifestyle, budget and ideal personal style. Before meeting, a pre-shop is completed and items are put aside so that our time is used efficiently. There are no benefits received from any purchases and the stores we visit are purely based on what we feel will work best for you.

While we talk about body shapes, the real focus is on proportions, correct lengths, ideal fabrics, fits, how each piece feels and how to style it to best suit your individual body shape. The focus is not on being simply a categorised body shape or on size or weight.

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How does it work?

Before we meet you’ll complete a Personal Style Questionnaire and we’ll use this to plan your session ahead of meeting.

We’ll meet at your home where we’ll start with the 1/2hr Personal Style Consultation and then move into your wardrobe for a 2hr Wardrobe Consultation.

We’ll take a break before meeting at the shopping centre. During the interval, your stylist will head to the shopping centre and complete a pre shop so that your session time is used efficiently.

We’ll meet at the shopping centre for your Personal Shopping Session. The stores we visit are purely based on what we feel will work best for you and there are never any benefits received from your purchases. Any exclusive discounts we receive are passed directly onto you.

Then, we’ll head back to your home for 1hr of Wardrobe Outfitting. This is where we bring it all together and finish with a number of ready to wear, complete outfits.

Afterwards, I’ll share some styling guidelines with you, suited to your body shape and colour tone.

Create an intentional wardrobe that works for you


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What's the process?


Contact us

Contact us with your preferred date/days that suit you best, time and preferred shopping location. I’ll come back to you with current availability across the team.


Secure your session

Confirm your booking details and provide payment to secure your session.


Tell us your styling goals

Complete our Personal Style Questionnaire, which tells your styling goals, what you want and us all about you from your wardrobe.


Build your wearable wardrobe

Attend your session!


Wear your confidence

I’ll share styling guidelines for your body shape and colour tone after your session.


Personal Style Questionnaire

Stylist research and pre shop of selected items

Styling guidelines for your body shape and colour tone

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$1,300 with Hayley

$1,040 with styling team

Please read through the Terms and Conditions, including our Service Areas.

Have questions? Check out the frequently asked questions, or email Hayley.

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