Personal Style Workshop

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Do you and your girlfriends love fashion and want to know how to achieve great Personal Style?

Get together for a fun, relaxed and informative Personal Style Workshop! Our Personal Style Workshops are a great chance to get the girls together for an enjoyable, informative, fashion-focused session.

What is a Personal Style Workshop?

An intimate Group Styling experience held in the convenience of your own home.This is a fun and affordable way to assess your existing clothes with the help of your Personal Stylist alongside your close group of friends.You and your friends will receive expert styling advice for your body shape, colour tone and personal style, essential tips that are key to effective styling.The Personal Workshop will build your confidence when it comes to your own wardrobe, helping you discover what existing items are perfect for you in your wardrobe and which pieces to get rid or replace.
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How does the Personal Style Workshop work?

The Personal Style Workshop is hosted at your home with a group of friends (minimum 4). Each of you are asked to bring along a range of items from your existing wardrobe to sort through during the workshop. I will spend time with you and each of your friends individually, determining your body shape, colour tone and providing personal styling tips.You and your friends will each receive a list of styling tips for your determined body shape and colour tone.

During the Personal Style Workshop you will learn:

What your Body Shape is What your Colour Tone is What clothing, shoes and accessories will work with your body shape What Colours will look best on your warm or cool colour tone How to accessorise effectively How well your existing clothing fits and works with you What to buy and where to shop for your personal requirements What key items you can add to your wardrobes Answers to your personal style queries

Personal Style Workshops are great for:

Groups of Girlfriends Birthday Celebrations Mothers Groups School/University Graduates Special Occasions, Group Christmas Parties, Mother’s Day Celebrations, Hen’s Parties Friends who love to shop together and want to get together for a fun, fashion focused session
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How much does personal style workshop cost?

Pricing of workshops varies, to discuss your specific needs please get in touch. 

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Let’s break down fashion barriers, discover your personal style, create outfits you love to wear and build your confidence!