Wardrobe Consultation

We help you sort through your wardrobe so that you can easily identify gaps, easily pull an outfit together and have the foundation set to build your best style yet.

Having the guidance of a Personal Stylist work through your wardrobe with you is a wardrobe edit like never before. We follow our seasonal wardrobe management system to achieve a thorough wardrobe edit so that it doesn’t feel like an overwhelming task that’s number 1038 on your to do list.

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Understand where you’re at with your personal style, identify wardrobe gaps that are limiting your outfit options and gain clarity on what to do next.

Your wardrobe is a space entirely unique to you, nobody else in the world has the exact wardrobe that you do, and that’s pretty cool. Your wardrobe should always be a reflection of where you’re at, what your lifestyle is and align with your ideal personal style.

When it doesn’t, we often feel out of touch with our personal style, feeling like we have nothing to wear and like we need to buy more clothes to feel more stylish, which isn’t often true. What you need is to first understand your current wardrobe and personal style goals, before adding more items into your space.

Does this sound like what you’re after? Great! Read on. Or, check out our Personal Shopping Sessions and Virtual Styling Sessions instead.

The Wardrobe Consultation is for you if you:

Want to know how to make the most of your existing wardrobe

Want to identify the wardrobe gaps that are limiting your outfit options

Want to maximise your wardrobe wearability

If you like the items you own, but have trouble putting them into outfits

Tend to stop and start a wardrobe clear out but quickly feel overwhelmed and get stuck on decisions on what to keep and what to get rid of

Are in need of some style direction and want to ensure you’re building the best wardrobe for you, your lifestyle and your personal styling goals

How does it work?

Before we meet you’ll complete a Personal Style Questionnaire and we’ll use this to plan your session ahead of meeting.

During the Wardrobe Consultation we follow our wardrobe management system that helps us sort through the items in your wardrobe effectively and make decisions on what is working and what isn’t.

We also style a collection of outfits from your wardrobe that you can start wearing right away. It’s refreshing to see your wardrobe in a new light and have some outfits ready to go. We’ll snap some photos of your outfits and we recommend saving them into an “Outfits Album” on your phone for easy access – and you can keep adding to this well after your session is finished.

Afterwards, I’ll share some styling guidelines with you, suited to your body shape and colour tone.We’ll always focus on the season we are in at the time of your session so that what we’re doing is relevant and actionable for you to continue with throughout the season.

Create an intentional wardrobe that works for you

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How long do I need?

If your wardrobe is small to medium in size, 4hrs is a good starting point. This is based on full, a standard wardrobe about 2 metres wide.

If you have a lot of clothing, shoes and accessories and haven’t cleared out your wardrobe in quite some time, I recommend 6hrs.

Service areas

We cover most areas of Sydney. 

Hayley runs sessions in Sydney CBD, Inner West Sydney, Western Sydney, South West Sydney, North Sydney, North West Sydney, North Easy Sydney, South Sydney and South East Sydney, and Eastern Suburbs. Hayley doesn’t personally service the Northern Beaches or North of Hornsby regions. 

Sarah runs sessions in the Northern Beaches, Sydney CBD, Northern Suburbs, Eastern Suburbs and Inner West Sydney.  

Mel runs sessions in Sydney CBD and some Eastern Suburbs and Inner West Suburbs. 

Pip runs sessions in Sydney CBD, Northern Suburbs, Eastern Suburbs and Inner West Sydney. 

We are unavailable to run sessions outside of Sydney, as well as suburbs that fall under the Hawkesbury or Glenorie regions.

For clients out of service areas, I recommend a Virtual Personal Styling Session or, you can book a Personal Shopping Session for a location within the service areas.

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What's the process?


Contact us

Contact us with your preferred date/days that suit you best, time and preferred shopping location. I’ll come back to you with current availability across the team.


Secure your session

Confirm your booking details and provide payment to secure your session.


Tell us your styling goals

Complete our Personal Style Questionnaire, which tells your styling goals, what you want and us all about you from your wardrobe.

There’s some prep work I’ll ask you to do ahead of your session that will allow us to maximise our time together.


Build your wearable wardrobe

Attend your session!


Wear your confidence

I’ll share styling guidelines for your body shape and colour tone after your session.


Personal Style Questionnaire

Wardrobe Consultation for either half a day or a full day

Styling guidelines for your body shape and colour tone


$200p/hr with Hayley

$160p/hr with styling team

Minimum 3hrs of a weekday

Minimum 4hrs of a weekend

Please read through the Terms and Conditions.

Have questions? Check out the frequently asked questions, or email Hayley.

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