Wardrobe consultation

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Do you have a wardrobe full of items you are unsure of?

Let’s sort through it together with a Wardrobe Consultation tailored to you and your wardrobe goals.

Your wardrobe is the foundation of your personal styling – keeping it organised, updated and complete with clothing, shoes and accessories that work with your body shape, colour, ideal personal style and lifestyle is essential for effective personal styling.

The Wardrobe Consultation assists you to sort through your existing wardrobe, learn what items work with you and have a purpose in your wardrobe, which ones don’t work work so well and the reasons why. We also discuss effective ways to organise your wardrobe and display your items so they are easily accessible to work into your daily outfits.

The wardrobe consultation will help you:

  • Understand how to make use of the items you already own
  • Save you money and pointless purchases
    Boost your confidence
  • Learn what cuts, colours and styles work for you
  • Identify the gaps in your wardrobe
  • Maximise your wardrobe wearabilty
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A wardrobe consultation is for you if:

  • You want to declutter your existing wardrobe
  • You want to analyse the wearability and suitability of items in your wardrobe
  • Your body has changed and you want to clear your wardrobe of old items that no longer serve you
  • You have gone through a lifestyle change and are after a wardrobe refresh
  • You are an impulsive shopper who continues to buy items that sit in your wardrobe without being worn

How does a wardrobe consultation work?

Once your Personal Styling needs are determined through a personal style questionnaire, we sort through individual items in your wardrobe. We analyse each item and determine the suitability, taking into consideration your body shape, colour tone, lifestyle and ideal personal style, discussing the reasons why each item does or doesn’t work. I will also provide you with suggestions on how you can organise your wardrobe to assist with your daily styling. After your Wardrobe Consultation, you will receive a list of suggestions of items you could add to your wardrobe to maximise your wearability.

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How much does a wardrobe consultation cost?

$150.00 per hour (minimum 2hr booking).

All pricing includes GST.

This service is available in a Personal Style Makeover Package.

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