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Hayley Cooper Virtual Styling Service (5)

Your Virtual Personal Shopping Session provides you with a curated collection of items that are intentionally selected to work with your body shape, colour tone, lifestyle, budget, personal preferences and ideal personal style.

We start the process with a Personal Style Questionnaire that I’ll ask you to complete ahead of your Virtual Personal Style Consultation. This gives me a clear understanding of where you’re at with your personal style and what you would like to achieve from your session.

From there, we’ll do a 45 minute Virtual Personal Style Consultation where we’ll determine and chat through your body shape, colour tone and personal style direction. This is held on Zoom.

I’ll then source a collection of suitable items and create a shoppable video, guiding you through each item, providing personalised styling advice, styling suggestions and the reasons it works for you. This is an invaluable video you can refer back to for styling advice at any time.

At the end of the video, you’ll be able to view all items selected and be able to click to shop the items you choose. No pressure here, I don’t receive any benefits from your purchases and the items I choose are purely based on what I feel will work for you. You don’t need to be present for this session; the shoppable video is delivered to you via email and a private link for you to access.

Virtual Personal Shopping is for you if:

  • You want personalised advice and an efficient shopping session
  • You want ready to wear items that you’re confident work for you and your lifestyle
  • You need guidance on knowing where to shop online and what to select
  • You want your personal style to reflect where you’re at in life and your personality
  • You want an easy to wear wardrobe with grab-and-go items you will wear regularly
  • You want a capsule approach to your wardrobe, with items that are easy to mix and match into outfits you feel good in
  • You’re in need of a seasonal wardrobe refresh but aren’t sure where to start
  • You have no time to visit the shops or simply don’t enjoy it
  • Remove your overwhelm and uncertainty in online shopping
  • You want to make smart choices when shopping, spend wisely and be selective with the items you wear, ensuring they fit with your realistic lifestyle and personal style direction
Hayley Cooper Virtual Styling Service (1)
Hayley Cooper Virtual Styling Service (9)


  • Personal Style Questionnaire
  • 45 minute Virtual Personal Style Consultation conducted via Zoom where we determine your body shape, colour tone and personal style direction
  • Stylist research and sourcing of items
  • A personalised, shoppable video full of styling advice suited to you, including click-to-shop links for you to simply purchase the items within your video
  • Dressing guidelines for your body shape and colour tone (BONUS)

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$700.00 inclusive of GST

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