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Hayley Cooper Virtual Styling Service (14)

Your wardrobe is the foundation of your personal style and a realistic part of our morning routine, ensuring it is easy to wear and complimentary to your body shape, colour tone, lifestyle and ideal personal style is our focus here. 

Your Virtual Wardrobe Edit helps you to de-clutter your wardrobe, get rid of items that aren’t in line with your personal style direction, keep those that are and make a list of what you can add to your wardrobe to maximise wearability.

We’ll start with a 45 minute Virtual Personal Style Consultation held on Zoom, where we’ll determine and chat through your body shape, colour tone and personal style direction.

We’ll then move into your wardrobe for 2 hours, assessing your items and their suitability for you and your lifestyle.

You might want advice on particular items in your wardrobe, you might want to focus purely on de-cluttering, or you might want some confidence in styling outfits out of your own pieces, or you may want a mix of focus points. Your session time is yours to use as you wish.

The Virtual Wardrobe Edit is for you if:

  • You find it hard to wear your wardrobe
    Your wardrobe feels like overwhelming task and you aren’t sure where to start
  • You want personalised, professional, objective advice on what to do with the items in your wardrobe
  • You feel uninspired by the items you own and need professional guidance
  • Your wardrobe doesn’t feel reflective of you, your lifestyle and your ideal personal style
  • You want your personal style to reflect where you’re at in life and your personality
  • You want an easy to wear wardrobe with ready to wear outfits
  • You want to create a cohesive wardrobe
  • You want to know how to make the most of the items you own
  • You want to identify gaps in your wardrobe that are limiting your wardrobe wearability
Hayley Cooper Virtual Styling Service (10)
Hayley Cooper Virtual Styling Service (13)


  • 45 minute Virtual Personal Style Consultation conducted via Zoom where we determine your body shape, colour tone and personal style direction
  • 2hr Virtual Wardrobe Edit
  • Written list of suggested items to add to your wardrobe
  • Dressing guidelines for your body shape and colour tone

Interested in a virtual styling session?

$375.00 inclusive of GST

Additional time can be added in for $65.00 per half hour or $125.00 per hour.

Get in touch to book a virtual styling session that suits your goals.

After your Virtual Wardrobe Edit, you may like to book in a Virtual Personal Shopping Session.

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