Wardrobe Outfitting

Clothes rack holds multiple sweaters, shoes, jeans and a hat.

Maximise outfit options with items already in your Wardrobe!

A Wardrobe Outfitting Session helps you maximise your wardrobe wearability. This session shows you how to work with your clothing, shoes and accessories to get the most out of what you already own. You most likely have plenty of unworn outfits sitting in your wardrobe just waiting to be styled up!

The aim is to maximise your outfit options in your existing wardrobe, create current outfits with ease and minimise the amount of unworn items. I will also give you a list of items you should add to your wardrobe to fill in the gaps and make it more wearable. No more “I have nothing to wear” days!

The Wardrobe Styling Service will:

  • Maximise your outfit options and wardrobe wearability
  • Save you money
  • Show you new ways to wear items you already own

The Wardrobe Styling Service is for you if…

  • You have lots of items but find yourself continuously wearing the same outfits
  • You want to maximise your outfit options with items you already own
  • You want to identify gaps in your wardrobe
  • You want to learn how to mix and match cuts, colours, prints and styles to create interesting outfits you can wear instantly
  • You are a seasonal shopper who purchases your entire seasonal wardrobe at the beginning or end of each season, all in the one go and need help outfitting your new purchases
Hayley Cooper poses and smiles in front of clothes rack.
Hayley Cooper styles a client

How does Wardrobe Styling work?

We will pull various items from your wardrobe to style into new outfits from head to toe, including clothing, shoes and accessories. Photographs are taken during the session and shared with you afterwards. The result is a collection of ready to wear outfits created from your own wardrobe that you don’t need to think about.


This service is exclusively available in all Personal Style Makeover Packages.

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