Fashion Events

Models walking runway for a fashion event.

Who is a fashion event, parade or launch for?

Fashion event companies in need of an experienced stylist to style their entire fashion event, or selected fashion brands involved in the event. Having a stylist on board ensures brands are communicated clearly to the audience with correct representation. Fashion Parades are ideal for shopping centres and fashion retailers, being an effective way to engage with shoppers and create interest in your shopping centre or fashion store. Fashion parades are open to lots of creativity and don’t always have to be a traditional fashion parade. Here we can really think outside the square and parade in fresh ways to grab the shoppers attention. Fashion Parades can work well in conjunction with a Fashion Workshop.


Fashion Launches are designed for fashion retailers and fashion brands who want to go the extra mile when it comes to launching their new fashion range. Fashion launches can be as interactive and personalised to your shoppers as you wish! It’s like hosting a fashion party in your store with your shoppers! Interactive style workshops, in-store personal style sessions and so much more. Get in touch and make your fashion launch a success.
Dancers on the runway.
Models walking runway for Westfield.

Why fashion parades and launches?

Fashion Parades and Launches are a great way to provide shoppers with a unique and positive experience. The aim is to engage and interact with your intended target market, with an effective visual and personalised approach. Fashion Parades and Launches are an inexpensive and entertaining way for shoppers to see what’s on offer in your shopping centre or fashion store, discover the trends of the season, find how they can work your fashion offering into their personal style and receive expert styling tips. Fashion Parades and Launches encourage shoppers to shop the trends, sales and fashion offering available to them. Shoppers are given helpful styling tips, inspired by key fashion pieces featured in the parade or launch and the accessibility to purchase their favourite fashion items instantly. The aim is to help women feel in the know when it comes to fashion and feel fabulous with their look from your store/centre!

What's included?

Fashion Events, Parades and Launches are all serviced based on the creative brief provided. Fashion Parades include all fashion styling for the fashion parade and can include a Fashion Workshop.
Models walk runway for Fashion Saturday.

How much does a fashion event, parade or launch cost?

Send through your list of desired inclusions for a customised Fashion Event, Parade or Launch package to styling@hayleycooper.com.au or get in touch here.

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