Outfit Planner Membership

Effortless outfits for everyday life

$29 per month

A monthly membership to help you wear your wardrobe and create outfits with ease.

Do you ever have those days when you just don’t know what to wear, so you end up wearing whatever will do?

Maybe your wardrobe feels like it’s lacking variety and not giving you the option to mix and match?

Or maybe you’re lacking the confidence to try new outfit combinations, reverting to the same old go-to’s?

Perfect! You’re in the right place.  This is exactly why I created the Outfit Planner Membership. 

A month's worth of outfits, sorted

Less items, more outfits

The Outfit Planner Membership is for women who want to simplify their outfitting process and the decision around what to wear. Wear your wardrobe, shop smarter, identify potential wardrobe gaps and have an accessible collection of ready to wear outfits throughout the entire month. 

Within the planner you’ll receive a carefully curated collection of 30 outfit combinations using a selection of key items with a capsule approach. These items are selected with style, versatility and easy wearability in mind.

You can use these combinations as templates and recreate your own version of the outfit using items already in your wardrobe, or you can shop for the exact items included within the combinations.

At the start of each month, you’ll receive the Digital Outfit Planner plus a shoppable board of the core items used within the outfit combinations. The items included are from accessible retailers with a low to mid price point.

Members will also have access to a monthly live masterclass Q+A and our private Facebook community group with likeminded women and styling support.

Hey there! I'm Hayley.

Over the past 12 years I've helped thousands of women build wearable wardrobes with outfits that work.

As a professional Personal Stylist and Mum to an awesome 1 year old, I believe in building a wearable wardrobe that works for your lifestyle, enables you to create outfits with ease and make mindful shopping choices that maximise the use of your wardrobe. Through doing this, we save time, money and energy so we can go about our day with confidence in an outfit that feels right.

With over 12 years of experience as a Personal Stylist and 15 years working across the fashion industry, my expertise and knowledge have allowed me to understand exactly what it takes to make a wardrobe wearable, versatile and uniquely yours. 

Having a clear understanding of how to construct an outfit that provides effortless style and practicality is one of my strongest skills as a Personal Stylist, along with my ability to work with women from all walks of life, no matter what their age, size, body shape or budget may be. 

With a capsule approach to styling, I truly believe in building a wardrobe with versatility, having less items and more outfit options. This is the philosophy behind many of my 1:1 personal styling sessions and the approach I have as a Personal stylist. 

The Outfit Planner Membership is a natural addition to my 1:1 Personal Styling services and is based on the Wardrobe Outfitting Sessions I run with clients in their wardrobes. I hope that through this membership I can be more accessible to you and support you on your personal style journey, with location and time being no limitation.

I can’t wait to help you wear your wardrobe and develop the skill of effortless outfitting. It makes a world of difference to how you feel throughout the day.

Does this sound familar?

I often feel like...

 “My wardrobe lacks variety”

“I want less items, more outfits”

“I want to be able to mix and match”

“I don’t know what to shop for, so I avoid it”

“I don’t feel confident enough to try a new outfit”

“I have a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear”

“I don’t know what to wear on my days off, to work, day to day”

“I avoid going to certain places because I don’t have a suitable outfit”

 You know you deserve a wardrobe that works for you, with a plan in place to make everyday dressing easy and efficient, without the mindset limits and second guessing. 

Use the Outfit Planner to plan out a month’s worth of outfits so you know exactly what to wear on any given day, in any situation, with confidence that your outfit is working for you.

How will this help?

We make outfit decisions easy, with a capsule approach

We use a collection of items each month that can be worked into 30 seperate outfit combinations. With less items to focus on, and outfits mapped out for you, the decision process is simplified.  

The idea is for you to use the outfit combinations as a guide to re-create your own version of them, using items you already own or would see useful in your existing wardrobe. 

You can also shop the items I suggest within the combinations or source your own similar items if you choose to. There’s zero pressure to purchase or add more to your wardrobe.

The outfit combinations are designed to be easily adapted to your individual personal style, style preferences, body shape, colour tone, climate and lifestyle. 

Each month you’ll find a mix of classic wardrobe staples and a few seasonal fashion pieces that can live in your wardrobe for many years to come.

Outfit Planner

30 days of outfits, sorted

$29 per month

Access a month's worth of complete outfits.

You’ll receive the Digital Outfit Planner including 30 easy to wear and replicate outfit combinations, plus the option to shop for items included within the planner.

You’ll also gain invitation only access to a live masterclass hosted by Hayley in the middle of each month, and access to our private Facebook community.

How does it work?

At the start of each month, you’ll receive a digital copy of the Outfit Planner with 30 days of outfit combinations and ideas. This is uploaded to your Membership Portal for you to access and download. 

In the middle of each month, we’ll hold a live masterclass, exclusive to members to support you with your outfits. Here is where you might like to ask some questions about how to style an outfit differently, how to adjust it to work with your body shape or where you might be able to shop similar items. If you can’t attend the masterclass, you’ll receive a replay the following day in your inbox.

You’ll also receive Styling Support via the private Facebook Community Group. Here is where you can share your take on the outfits, ask questions and benefit from the conversations across our supportive styling community. If you’re looking for more personalised styling advice, please check out the 1:1 styling services

What's included?

Your Outfit Planner Membership gives you monthly access to the Outfit Planner, a shoppable collection of key items, a live masterclass for members only and styling support through the private styling community.


30 days of ready to wear outfit combinations, accessible via the Members Portal. Use these to confidently style outfits and take the guesswork out of “what to wear” every day of the month.


Option to shop key items included in each month’s outfit plan. Items included are from accessible retailers with a low to mid price point, mainly covering sizes 6-16, all available within Australia and may ship internationally.


Live masterclass, exclusive to members only. Ask questions about the individual items included in the outfits, how to style them or how to make them work best for your body.


Access to a private Facebook Group where you can ask questions, share ideas and benefit from conversations with Outfit Planner members.


Accessible via the private Facebook Group, we’ll support and encourage you along the way.


As your personal style and lifestyle inevitably changes, the know-how to style an effective outfit that aligns with you, is a piece of knowledge you can keep always.

Simplify your outfit decisions with go-to combinations made for everyday life

We’ll help you decide what to wear without the overwhelm and second guessing

Having the go to outfit combinations was so helpful. No excuse to say "I don't know what to wear" ever again! Hayley's outfit planer has helped me regain confidence in being able to choose clothes and put together outfits that are easy and look great.
screen shot 2022 03 03 at 1.57.19 pm
I've gone from a wardrobe of "nothing to wear" to "which outfit do I want to choose?" I simply saved the outfit combinations to my phone and have been referencing them each morning. Can't wait for next month's planner!
screen shot 2022 03 03 at 2.45.16 pm
I lived in home clothes and had no idea to where to start. Hayley has helped me start to develop a style with stylish combinations and signature pieces. I'm learning to replicate these outfits with similar pieces too. A great guide to give me the kick start I needed.
screen shot 2022 03 03 at 2.46.34 pm

Try new outfit combinations, shop smarter and wear your wardrobe.

Learn how versatile your pieces can be with easy outfitting.

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