Men’s Personal Style Makeover Package Complete

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Is personal styling for me?

This Personal Style Package covers all areas of your personal style, focusing on your existing wardrobe, shopping and your wardrobe after new items have been added. This package is ideal for those who want to give their style and current outfit options a complete revamp. This is the most popular style package among my clients because after the Personal Style Consult, Wardrobe Consult and Personal Shopping Session, we head back into your wardrobe to mix your new additions with your old ones, styling complete outfits that you can wear right away.

What will it include?

First we start off at your home with a Personal Style Consultation. Here we determine your body shape, colour tone and discuss your current and ideal personal style. We then step into your wardrobe for the Wardrobe Consultation. We will go through items in your wardrobe, sorting through the suitable and unsuitable items based on your body shape, colour tone and personal requirements. Any “gaps” in your wardrobe are listed and added to our shopping list – these items are recommended to maximise wearability within your existing wardrobe.
Birdseye view of clothing, boots, a watch, a belt, glasses and a purse.
Hayley Cooper doing up buttons on a male clients shirt.

It keeps getting better...

Next we head to the shops for your Personal Shopping Session. We will focus on shopping for items that will fill the gaps in your wardrobe and work perfectly with your body shape, colour tone, lifestyle and ideal personal style. You will receive expert advice on why certain styles suit you and how you can make the most of your complete image and outfit options. You will also receive tips on how to be a smarter shopper when you’re on your own so that you will only buy items that work for you. We then head back to your home for Wardrobe Styling where we create new outfits mixing your new purchases with the items already in your wardrobe. After your session you will receive digital photographs of ready-to-wear outfits and a Personal Style Summary document.

How much does a complete personal style makeover package cost?

This Personal Style Package is completed in 2 days and is a discounted package.

Includes: 1/2hr Personal Style Consultation + 2hr Wardrobe Consultation + 2hr Personal Shopping Session + 2hr Wardrobe Outfitting.

Cost: $749.00 + GST

Please note additional fees may apply for services conducted outside of Sydney.

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